Facebook invented a new unit of time called Flick by Oculus team

Facebook brought a newer technology once again.It is moving faster than Google in the view of technology and markets.This time Facebook invented a new unit of time called “flick” by Oculus team.

Flick means

Facebook engineer and his team Oculus invented a newer technology in measuring a unit of time.It is a word derived from ‘Frame-tick’.Flick’s creator, Christopher Horvath. They launched “flicks” which is slightly larger than a nanosecond that helps developers and programmers to ‘sync up video and audio frames’.It exactly subdivides media frame rates and sampling frequencies.It is defined in C++, used to generate visual effects for film, television and other media.Contribute to flicks development by creating an account on Github.

1 Flick= 1/705,600,000 of a second – the next unit of time after a nanosecond.This unit of time is the smallest time unit which is LARGER than a nanosecond.It helps programmers to measure the time between media frames without using fractions and also can reduce stutters in graphics.

Flick allows for developers to have a bit more flexibility in dealing with latency issues and making sure videos stay in sync.A standard video game shows 60 frames per second ,which is one frame is shown for every 16.667 milliseconds.The flick aims to remove some of this complexity and error by eliminating the need to use rounded-up decimals or fractions.

At 60 fps, each frame appears for 11,760,000 flicks, which is an easier figure to work with than 16.667 milliseconds.Facebook is gonna experience the flick across their ever-expanding range of products. The unit could potentially underpin everything from the way video ads display on the company’s social media platform to how their Oculus Rift headset renders virtual reality (VR) experiences.

The unit is completely open source, so other developers are free to execute the flick in their work however they see fit.


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