Social Media Marketing-Business Ecosystem With Examples

Social Media Marketing is one of the effective and fastest reach of products and services to the customers.It is the art of using social networking sites to attract/engage audience.

Social Media Business Ecosystem-

1.Online Reputation Management (ORM)- This will know what your customers are speaking about your products/services through reviews,commenting,etc…

Online Reputation Management Services


2.WOM Marketing-Abbreviated as WORD OF MOUTH.It is used to set up campaigns to make it go viral.Word Of Mouth Marketing


3.Personal Branding:To become a virtual world popular.It is the practice of people marketing themselves and their careers as brands.

Personal Branding GoalPersonal Branding Objectives


4.Interactive Marketing:To engage customers for experiential marketing.It is also called trigger-based or event-driven marketing, is an effective marketing strategy that uses two-way communication media to allow consumers to connect with a company directly.

Components of Interactive MarketingExamples of Interactive Marketing


5.Customer Service:Avail for 24/7 support and resolve customers problems.

Customer Centric Marketing


6.Research 2.0:Be effective listener and recommend their products.

Research 2.0 concept modelResearch 2.0 cycle

7.Crowdsourcing:Get customer insights, know trends,obtain reviews and opinions.

Crowdsourcing example


8.Public Relations:To get benefited from user generated content intelligence.

Public Relations CycleTools of Public Relations


9.Social CRM(Social Customer Relationship Management):To engage with the customers we use social media,services and technology to enable organizations.

Working of SCRM

Social CRM Onion Model


10.Recruitment and Employer Branding:It is a long term and continuous effort to promote an organization or a company as an employer of choice in order to recruit,attract and retain the right.Employer Branding StrategiesEmployer Branding FrameworkEmployer Branding Benefits


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How Google Search Engine Works For Website-Crawling,Indexing

Google is an advanced artificial intelligence which works on the principle of Machine Learning.Google marks up the first place in all the search engines around the world.It is launched in September 15,1997 a 20 years ago.It is available in 123 languages with 4.5 billion active users across the globe.It ranked 1st place by Alexa.

The principle of Google Search Engine is:

1.Crawling : Google may crawl your website,but not indexed daily.It sends spiders/crawlers/bots/robots to crawl your pages,blogs of your website.If your website is well ranked and has high domain and page authority then google crawls your website daily.It crawls and collects all the data in the back end of your website.

2.Indexing : Collected data of blogs,pages of your website are taken snapshots by crawlers/spiders/bots/robots.If your website is well ranked and has high domain and page authority then google index your website daily.It means gives only filtered data of your website.

3.Searching : The Google provides instantly generated results based on search engines.Principle of searching is to produce useful responses to the user.It follows Google Search Algorithms while searching.Based on the requirement of the user,it gives the accurate results.


Content Strategy for Online Reputation Management(ORM)

Online Reputation Management (ORM) is an effective marketing strategy that directs the company towards the next step by discarding negative reviews provided for the products and services.

7 Steps to Content Strategy  for ORM:

1.Maximum positive reviews should be generated

2.Relevant reviews

3.Reviews should not be repeated

4.Reviews from genuine profiles

5.Reviews with facts and figures

6.Do not delete negative comments in social media

7.Try to respond positively for negative reviews/comments

ORM is one of the risky and highest paid job in Digital Marketing Industry.

Popular OFF-Page SEO Techniques of 2018 to improve your rank in SERP

Popular OFF-Page SEO Strategies of 2018 to improve your rank in SERP:




1.Google Business Maps

2.Social Media Profiles/Pages

3.Classified(or)Ad Posting

4.Social Bookmarking

5.Local Search Engine Submission


8.Question and Answers

9.Directory Submission

10.Article Submission

11.Video Sharing

12.Image Sharing

13.Document Sharing

14.Article Bookmarking

15.Guest Post


17.Link Exchange

18.Forum Posting

19.White Hat SEO Techniques

20.Voice Search is the latest technique used for OFF page SEO.

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Popular ON-Page SEO Techniques of 2018 to improve your rank in SERP

Popular On-Page SEO Strategies of 2018 to improve your rank in SERP:

On-Page-SEO-Techniques-for-2018On-Page-SEO-Techniques-2018 1

1.Robot.txt: Disallows specified directories or webpages in google search results.

2.Meta Tags:It consists of three types:(i)Meta Title (ii)Meta Description          (iii)Meta Keywords.

3.URL Structure:The title should reflect in the webpage URL.

4.Image Tags:Image should have proper and relevant file name, title name and alt text.

5.HTML & XML Site Maps:HTML Site map is for visitors.It is approved from user navigation and for better SEO exposure.XML Site map is for bots/spider/robots.It can be submitted and tested in Google Search Console.

6.Internal Linking:Every page should be properly connected to rest of the pages through proper linking.

7.Canonical Tags:If the same content is repeated in multiple pages we have to use canonical tag by stressing special focus on particular page.

8.Keyword Research:Find potential keywords for your topic by google search.

9.Content Optimization:It should be precise,relevant and engaging to your audience.

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Greatness Of Mother

Mother’s love has no boundaries.Greatness Of Mother is higher than the “mountain” and deeper than the “sea”. MEN are what their mothers made them.She loved you even before you were a reality to the rest of creation.She dreamed of how you would look, how you would feel resting in her arms.A human body can bear only up to 45del (unit) of pain.Yet at time of giving birth,a mother feels up to 57del(unit) of pain is equal to 20 bones getting fractured at a time."...For the hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world..."-William Ross Wallace

She would give up her a life to bring you in to this world.Every single day,of the 9months she carried you,brought special meaning to her heart and to the next level.The first time she felt you kick inside,did you know you moved heaven & earth right there?Yea…!!! Her love is injected in every part of your body and it took 9months of continuous efforts and care towards you,so she gets hurt whenever you get hurt.Don’t let her 9months of efforts and designed heart make worthless by committing suicide in a minute for silly reasons (breakup,depression)of your life.It hurts a lot…!!!

Everyone promises forever until they find someone better,but not in case of mother .She guides the best for what she got.

She will never make a promise to be with you but she will be in your premises forever.She will never say that she won’t live without you but she will be incomplete without you.Though you’re grown up now,she will never forget what began as a tiny seed,nourished with every breath of her existence,became her most treasured gift in life…her child.Mother hold their child’s hand for a moment and their heart for a lifetime.

Almost like magic,she somehow “senses” when the time has come for your wings to unfold a bit and will patiently watch you fly”solo” for the first time.Should you fall,her love,patience & understanding awaits with open arms.

No matter how angry she get,she always end up forgiving the children she love.The heart of the mother is a deep abyss at the bottom of which you will always find forgiveness.Only mother’s love can make a child turn his/her back on the ways of old,to create a better world for he/she and those who follow.

A virtuous mother sows and sows seeds of greatness with great life in mind.Moms are relentless as the tides.They don’t just drive us to practice,they drive us to greatness.

Each and every responsibility of mother towards you makes something extra i.e.,”LOVE”. The most important thing she had learned over the years was that there was no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a great one.

Being a full time,mother is one of the highest salaried jobs,since the payment is pure love…!!!Her sacrifice is priceless,if you want to pay her then be with her forever.

Why do we realize their importance after they leave?

A treasure isn’t called a treasure until it is lost.So you are lucky enough to have parents in your life.Make your parents feel proud of you till they live.

I think my life began with waking up and loving my mother’s face.

I wanted to meet my biological mother… mostly to see if she was okay and to thank her because am glad,i didn’t end up as an abortion -STEVE JOBS.


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