Social Media Marketing-Business Ecosystem With Examples

Social Media Marketing is one of the effective and fastest reach of products and services to the customers.It is the art of using social networking sites to attract/engage audience.

Social Media Business Ecosystem-

1.Online Reputation Management (ORM)- This will know what your customers are speaking about your products/services through reviews,commenting,etc…

Online Reputation Management Services


2.WOM Marketing-Abbreviated as WORD OF MOUTH.It is used to set up campaigns to make it go viral.Word Of Mouth Marketing


3.Personal Branding:To become a virtual world popular.It is the practice of people marketing themselves and their careers as brands.

Personal Branding GoalPersonal Branding Objectives


4.Interactive Marketing:To engage customers for experiential marketing.It is also called trigger-based or event-driven marketing, is an effective marketing strategy that uses two-way communication media to allow consumers to connect with a company directly.

Components of Interactive MarketingExamples of Interactive Marketing


5.Customer Service:Avail for 24/7 support and resolve customers problems.

Customer Centric Marketing


6.Research 2.0:Be effective listener and recommend their products.

Research 2.0 concept modelResearch 2.0 cycle

7.Crowdsourcing:Get customer insights, know trends,obtain reviews and opinions.

Crowdsourcing example


8.Public Relations:To get benefited from user generated content intelligence.

Public Relations CycleTools of Public Relations


9.Social CRM(Social Customer Relationship Management):To engage with the customers we use social media,services and technology to enable organizations.

Working of SCRM

Social CRM Onion Model


10.Recruitment and Employer Branding:It is a long term and continuous effort to promote an organization or a company as an employer of choice in order to recruit,attract and retain the right.Employer Branding StrategiesEmployer Branding FrameworkEmployer Branding Benefits


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