Future of Digital Marketing in India-Scope,Career,Opportunities and Jobs

→Digital Marketing is moved trending industry around the world. It is an evergreen industry, a point to be noted.

→Now I will tell you why the Digital Marketing is evergreen and it’s future scope and importance:

Consider a comparison for easy understanding:

For a Body, how heart and lungs play a key role in a living, same Innovation and Digital Marketing play a key role for the upstanding of a business.

→Here heart acts as innovation and lungs as a digital marketer for a business.

→Digital Marketer gives breathe in and breathes out of a business through its outcomes and incomes.

Gotta confused..?? Yea…!!!

It means when an innovation takes place in a company, so to create awareness of that product it should be marketed. Then here comes the role of Digital Marketer. This role had overcome the role of Traditional Marketer. Here’s how?

In simple words, to cook a recipe we need ingredients(food items) which acts as innovation/discovery of a recipe, so to make it delicious digital marketer add a proper taste to it.

→So Digital Marketer gives proper analytics and makes conversions for the upstanding of a business.

→Artificial Intelligence(AI) is affecting the Digital Marketing Industry(DMI) even more in upcoming years by 3 ways:

  1. Impactful Ads:

The creation of better advertisements is one of the biggest ways artificial intelligence will impact marketing in 2017. The ability for brands to use AI to research and develop crucial marketing aspects, such as keyword searches, empowers marketers to build smarter, more effective ads that should lead to more conversions.

2. Smarter Search:

Businesses looking to stay competitive need to learn how to integrate Artificial Intelligence into their marketing campaign, or they will risk being left behind. Digital consumers of 2017 are able to seek out and find information more quickly and efficiently than in the past, while brands are continually looking for ways to present their messaging in a meaningful way to individuals on a 1:1 basis.

Search giant Google is using AI, called RankBrain, which will improve search results by providing searchers better answers to their questions, marketers are able to take advantage of RankBrain by producing higher quality content geared towards voice search.

3. Smarter Sentiment:

AI allows marketers to analyze just what their target customers are thinking and how they feel about the brand.

→Hence Digital Marketing is evergreen and has a future scope in this information period.

→Innovation with Digital Marketing of product/service is used more, where Innovation without Digital Marketer of product/service is used less due to the lack of awareness of the product/service of a company.

–> So there will be more opportunities, jobs and a great career in Digital Marketing Industry.

→Therefore Digital Marketer is needed in future for any industry.

I think you got a clear overview of Digital Marketing.

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