Why Google is the best Search Engine in the World

→Yea…!!! Google ranks 1st place as the best search engine than other search engines because it has a biggest network.

→Google is an advanced Artificial Intelligence which works on the principle of machine learning.

→Google provides most of its best services at free of costs like Gmail, Google docs, Analytics, webmaster,etc…

→Google is giving high-quality user experience for free because it aims of increasing users and database.Most of Google earning is from Adwords, Google shop, and Playstore etc…

→It makes a difference of 43% of second in place Bing. 64% searches are powered by Google and 21% by Bing.

→It is also dominating the mobile/tablet search engine market share with 89%.Google ‘images’, ‘maps’ and ‘news’ features, they are outstanding services for locating photos, geographic directions, and news headlines.

→It has own satellites in space.

→All the markets,companies databases are shared with Google.This makes the higher impact.

→Google understands what other Search Engines don’t due to it’s extra-ordinary features.

Hope you found the best…!!!

How Google Search Engine Works For Website-Crawling,Indexing

Google is an advanced artificial intelligence which works on the principle of Machine Learning.Google marks up the first place in all the search engines around the world.It is launched in September 15,1997 a 20 years ago.It is available in 123 languages with 4.5 billion active users across the globe.It ranked 1st place by Alexa.

The principle of Google Search Engine is:

1.Crawling : Google may crawl your website,but not indexed daily.It sends spiders/crawlers/bots/robots to crawl your pages,blogs of your website.If your website is well ranked and has high domain and page authority then google crawls your website daily.It crawls and collects all the data in the back end of your website.

2.Indexing : Collected data of blogs,pages of your website are taken snapshots by crawlers/spiders/bots/robots.If your website is well ranked and has high domain and page authority then google index your website daily.It means gives only filtered data of your website.

3.Searching : The Google provides instantly generated results based on search engines.Principle of searching is to produce useful responses to the user.It follows Google Search Algorithms while searching.Based on the requirement of the user,it gives the accurate results.