How to get organic traffic to your website and improve your rank in SERP

Your website: Consumer journey→Website visit→Content Engagement→Lead→Conversion

To get organic traffic to a new traffic takes 2–3 months because of low domain and page ranking/authorities.Follow the below steps:

1.Content Engagement:

It should be customer centric content,creative,unique,relevancy content to your website and should have SEO exposure.

2.SEO Techniques:

Higher the SEO,more the traffic to your website.Follow all the SEO techniques in the below link provided to gain more traffic.

Popular OFF-Page SEO Techniques of 2018 to improve your rank in SERP

Popular ON-Page SEO Techniques of 2018 to improve your rank in SERP

3.Create 20+ accounts in all the social media platforms and also in local search engines. Be active in all 40 accounts by commenting,posting,etc.. by engaging with customers.

4.Add URL to Google through Google Search Console.

These steps will definitely drives you more traffic to your traffic.

Keywords play a key role in improving SEO to a maximum level.

I will suggest you the easiest way to improve your keyword position in Google:

→Firstly,do research on your topic and then make unique,creative and relevant content.

→Secondary,make a list of keywords of your content which make sense of your topic.

Here keywords means which provides concept of great significance.

→Third,Check competitors keywords of relevant topic so that it guides you better.

→Make use off ON page SEO techniques to improve your rank in SERP which includes meta tags(title,description,keywords).

Check the below link for ON page SEO techniques:

Popular ON-Page SEO Techniques of 2018 to improve your rank in SERP

This makes you improve your keyword ranking in Google and improve your rank in SERP.

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Popular ON-Page SEO Techniques of 2018 to improve your rank in SERP

Popular On-Page SEO Strategies of 2018 to improve your rank in SERP:

On-Page-SEO-Techniques-for-2018On-Page-SEO-Techniques-2018 1

1.Robot.txt: Disallows specified directories or webpages in google search results.

2.Meta Tags:It consists of three types:(i)Meta Title (ii)Meta Description          (iii)Meta Keywords.

3.URL Structure:The title should reflect in the webpage URL.

4.Image Tags:Image should have proper and relevant file name, title name and alt text.

5.HTML & XML Site Maps:HTML Site map is for visitors.It is approved from user navigation and for better SEO exposure.XML Site map is for bots/spider/robots.It can be submitted and tested in Google Search Console.

6.Internal Linking:Every page should be properly connected to rest of the pages through proper linking.

7.Canonical Tags:If the same content is repeated in multiple pages we have to use canonical tag by stressing special focus on particular page.

8.Keyword Research:Find potential keywords for your topic by google search.

9.Content Optimization:It should be precise,relevant and engaging to your audience.

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